5.5 Fighting and Sparring

Pokemon Go Gym Battle

When you are close enough and tap on an enemy gym, you will see a button to fight in the lower right corner. You may take any 6 pokémon you have in your bag to fight this gym unless the pokémon you want to bring is guarding another gym or is too low health. The app optimizes the best choices for you, but you may also tap on any pokémon you want to switch them out. Sparring works much the same way except you may only bring one pokémon.

Fighting is not turn based, so make sure you are quickly tapping on the enemy pokémon to attack, and also using your special ability once your blue bar indicator fills up. Tip: Charge abilities are not always good. Check out this chart to see if your pokemon has a charge ability that’s worth it. Using charge abilities simply involves holding your finger down on the screen until the camera zones in and the top and bottom of the screen turns black. You may also dodge attacks by swiping left or right on your screen.

After your fight ends, you will be granted XP, and the prestige of the gym will be adjusted down or up depending on if you were fighting enemies or sparring friends. Being able to defeat multiple pokémon guarding the gym significantly increases the amount of prestige gained or lost.

5.6 Gym Defender Rewards

You may collect 10 gold and 500 stardust per pokemon defending a gym for 21 hours. You may control a maximum of 10 gyms, and you may collect your reward in the upper right hand corner of the shop screen.

6. Leveling Up Fast

Leveling up fast is something you want to do for 2 reasons: better items and better pokémon. You can check out the level up table here.

6.1 Get Better Items – As you gain higher levels, you will have access to better items. Raz berries are obtainable at level 8, great balls at level 12, and ultra balls at level 20. Berries and upgraded balls give you a better chance of capturing those hard to catch pokémon. You also gain access to better revive and healing potions as you level up, but this is not really significant because you can just use more lower level potions on your pokémon that aren’t completely healed.

6.2 Get Better Pokémon

The pokémon you find in the wild and the ones you hatch from eggs will have a CP value proportional to your trainer level. Since it takes a significant amount of candy and stardust to level up pokémon, there is a huge benefit to finding/hatching your epic pokémon when you are closer to lvl 40 rather than when you are level 10.

6.3 Efficient Experience

In addition to simply playing the game more, there are a few things you can do to increase your efficiency in leveling. Lucky eggs purchased in the shop are the most direct way to boost your XP. Pop those before hatching eggs and doing pokemon evolutions to maximize your leveling efficiency.