3.3 How to Capture Pokémon 

Pokemon Go Catch 2

Using any Pokéballs you have available, flick the Pokéball with your pointer finger  towards the Pokémon. You gain extra points from hitting closer to the center of the indicator.

Pokemon Go Catch 1

Instead of immediately flicking the Pokéball, you may hold your finger down on the ball, and the circle indicator on the Pokémon will pulse. Aiming the Pokeball for the center of the circle will give you extra points when you catch your Pokemon as well as decreasing the chances of your Pokémon breaking loose.

You may also spin your pokéball in a circle to throw a curveball for additional points as well as increasing the chances of catching your pokémon. Once you successfully hit a pokemon with a pokéball it will shake three times. During this shaking, the pokémon might break free. If you see the third shake, however, you know that you have caught your pokémon for good! Once you ding level 12 and level 20 you will have access to better Pokéballs, and so on until max level.