3.4 Hard-to-Catch Pokémon 

Pokemon Go Catch 3

Every wild pokémon will have a round colored indicator around it. The color of the indicator designates how hard the pokémon will be to catch. Green is easy, yellow is medium, orange is hard, and red is very hard. Once you ding level 8 you will be able to collect Raz Berries at some pokestops. Feeding a raz berry to a pokémon before throwing the pokéball will increase your chances of catching it. The raz berry’s effect will continue until you have successfully hit your pokémon, but you will need to throw another if it breaks free.

3.5 Combat Power (CP) 

Pokemon Go CP Squirtle

When you go to catch a pokémon, you will see its combat power above it’s head. If instead you see 3 question marks, this means that this pokémon is a higher CP than you have yet to catch. Combat power is an overall indicator of how strong that pokémon is, but does not tell you specifically if it is better as a tank or an attacker, for instance. Once you capture or hatch a pokémon and view it in your pokémon tab, you can see how close your pokémon is to max CP by viewing the arch above its head. Note: max CP increases every time you level up as a trainer, and you will need to use stardust and candies to keep powering up your pokémon to max or else find one that is already closer to max CP.