3.8 When to Transfer

Transfering pokémon should be based on how close they are to max CP (combat power). Pokemon that have very low combat power should be transferred, and those that are close to max CP should be kept and evolved when possible.

3.9 Pokéstops and Eggs


Pokéstops are locations on your map indicated by small blue markers. Once you are close enough, you may tap on them and spin for goodies to include: pokéballs, healing and revive potions, and hatchable eggs. You should make it a point to visit as many of these stops as possible because they are the main way to replenish your resources. Spinning the pokéstop also grants 50-100 experience.

You may spin pokéstops once every 5 minutes, but they will turn purple until the 5 minutes refreshes and you may spin again. Eggs gained from pokéstops can be placed into one of your incubators (you get one free to start, but can purchase more in the shop) to hatch after you have walked a certain amount. Eggs will either be 2km, 5km, or 10km, eggs, and the longer you have to walk, the better pokémon you will hatch. Egg hatching gives a generous amount of stardust, experience, and candy, so it’s a good idea to hatch as many as you can and then get more.