4. Shop Items

4.1 Gold coins

Shop items require gold coins which means you must either purchase in game, or gain them slowly from controlling gyms. We haven’t gotten to gyms yet, but the point is that it’s not an easy thing to do, and you don’t get many coins from controlling gyms.

4.2 Lucky Eggs

Lucky eggs are the fastest way to progress as they will double all experience gained for 30 minutes.

4.3 Egg incubator

Egg incubators are important to buy in order to hatch eggs gained from pokéstops. These eggs give a serious amount of loot, so having all 9 egg slots active at all times will powerlevel your progression. They give you one free egg incubator that lasts forever, but the ones in the shop cost 150 gold and break after 3 uses. Use your unbreakable one for the 2km eggs and your breakable ones for the longer eggs, since this will get you more mileage.

4.4 Lures and incense

Lures can be activated at any pokéstop and last for 30 minutes. Everyone can benefit from lures, and you activate them by clicking on the little white slot above the round picture after you tap on a pokéstop. Incense only works for yourself, and is centralized on your phone or device, meaning you can walk away and still attract pokémon to you. Note: If you stand still after activating incense you will spawn a pokémon at your location every 5 minutes. If you power-walk, bike, or skateboard fast enough, you can spawn a pokémon every 1 minute as long as you have traveled 200 meters.

4.5 Pokéballs 

If you run out of pokéballs, you can buy more here, but it is better to learn efficiency and also frequent pokéstops to stock up on balls.

4.6 Bag space and pokémon space

Increasing your space is convenient, but not necessary. If your bag does fill up, you can delete unneeded items like extra revive potions.