5. Gym

Pokemon Go Gym Stop

5.1 Requirements – Once you ding level 5, you may go to your nearest gym and tap on it. This will prompt you to choose a team. It does not matter if you choose Red, Blue, or Yellow. Gyms are the biggest points of attraction on the map and look like big grey spires. Gyms controlled by a certain color will be painted accordingly.

5.2 Pokémon Types – Activities at the gym include fighting opposing team’s pokémon, or sparring with Pokemon on your own team. Each requires an understanding of the different elemental types of Pokémon. There are 18 different types in Pokemon go, and each has strengths and weaknesses. For a detailed guide on Pokemon types, click here.

5.3 Gym Levels

Gym levels are based on prestige. Gyms can range from level 1 to 30 based on the amount of prestige. Prestige is lowered when opponents win battles against the gym defenders, and prestige is raised when friendly pokémon spar with the defenders at the gym. However, much more prestige is lost when opponents attack than is gained by sparring, so to build up a gym’s level requires a lot of teamwork. The level number of the gym indicates how many pokémon defenders can fit in that Gym. For example: a level 2 gym may have 2 defending pokémon (but not from the same trainer) and a level 30 gym may have up to 30 defending pokeémon. Each gym has one leader.

5.4 Gym Leaders

Leaders are determined by the highest CP pokémon defending the gym, so you do not have to be the one who took over the gym in order to be the leader.