FIFA 17 VS PES 2017:


All league battles have finished and now its time for the next big battle footballers

and gamers across the world wait for all year long – the battle of Konami and EA.

The battle is fierce as both game companies look to create the best game-playing

experience for followers around the globe. The two gaming giants are set to

release their big football games late in September this year.


The paramount force that drives a gamer to one of either games is the gameplay of that game. Both games are set to have gamechanging(pun-intended) features added as the first battle of the 2016/17 campaign kicks off between Konami and EA. While Pro-evolution soccer looks mostly to carry on with what went right with the previous edition and amend what didn’t, FIFA is bringing a lot of new stuff to the show.

EA Sports are bringing about a range of new changes to their highly anticipated edition of the game, with the California-based gaming company aim at revolutionzing the game-playing experience. The first and the most noticable change EA is bringing to the game is in the set-pieces. With the cameras placed just behind the runner, set pieces will be a new experience to relish for the gamers this September. You also manipulate the kick-takers stance and approach to each free-kick. Throw-ins are more natural now as you can run up and down the touchline, while even executing a fake throw to misguide the opposition. The delivery of corners are enhanced as you can now aim more accurately with a reticle to aim at in the penalty area.

Physical play has also been enhanced as players can now compete in aerial challenges without jumping up for a header. Also, players can dribble and protect the ball at the same time as all jostling is handled by a single button.


FIFA 17 will be entirely different in terms of graphics following a decision from EA to move from the Ignite engine to Frostbite(used in games like Mass Effect and Battlefield), making it possible for the new edition of the game to adopt volumetric lighting. This transition to a more realistic engine hints at better facial emotions and true-to-life game experience. The number of animations has been tripled as EA looks to bring expressive reactions to match events in the game.

Meanwhile, Pro Evolution Soccer will continue to use the FOX engine adopted last year, with improved lighting and animations in the game. Players looked much more realistic in the previous edition with the switch to FOX engine and thus will only be slightly improved in the new edition of the game.


The big news for FIFA fans around the globe is the introduction of the brand new story mode – The Journey. You will be able to advance the career of a young prospective footballer on his way to become an England international. Named ‘Alex Hunter’, the player will start out as an attacking player capable of playing in a pre-allocated number of attacking positions. You will be able to train in the drills and improve the player’s attributes as seasons progress. The teams you get into depends on the way you perform in the games and training. The better Hunter plays, the bigger the club he can get into.

For the Konami counterpart, its not clear as to whether or not there will be a new modes in the new edition. As Konami keep hold of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League licenses, the two competitions will be separate modes of play in the game. Also, PES will continue with its massively popular Master League in the 2017 edition


FIFA has long dominated the online game with its iconic Ultimate Team. FUT, EA’s biggest source of income from the game, is arguably much bigger than the PES parallel – MyClub. PES Online mode proved to be a faulty mess full of lags, while the EA opposite flourished with impeccable and unblemished online experience.


This is another battle, the EA Sports game- the Official FIFA game – has managed to win every single time. Despite breaking up with the Brazillian League, FIFA 16 remained the better of the two games in terms of licenses.

It is not yet entirely certain as to what teams will be officially represented in PES 17, except for the Gunners and Atletico Madrid. Its another big flaw for the Konami game as the gamers remain dissatisfied with choosing teams named ‘London FC’ instead of Chelsea and ‘Merseyside Reds’ instead of Liverpool.


While both FIFA 17 and PES 17 are expected to be astoundingly improved in their new editions, FIFA 17 is highly likely to be the better of the two with unmatchable gameplay and soothing commentary from Martin Tyler and Alan Smith.