auctionsThe auction house is a great place to get a deal on new players and other items. Use the browse tab to view all the current on-going auctions.

If you’re looking for something specific or just want to narrow your search, tap the “search” button at the top of the screen.

Search – the search screen allows you to search for specific items you’d like to bid on. You can search by name, OVR, team, position, item type and price range.

Search will help you find that perfect player for your lineups.

Bidding and buying – to place a bid on an item, just tap the item to bring up the bidding screen. Here, you can either enter a bid price or you can buy the item outright by tapping the “buy now” button.

Selling items – access sell items from the side menu or via “sell” button at the top of the auctions screen.

Drag one or more items into the slot and then tap the “sell for…” button or, for one item, set the starting bid and buy now prices.

When you’re happy, hit tap the “post auction” button, or “reset all” if you want to start over.

My auctions – tapping the “my auctions” tab will show you all the items you currently have up for auction.

Any of your auctions that have expired will no longer be shown and your unsold items will be returned to you.