Gameplay Guide

NBA Live Mobile Gameplay Tutorials

This tutorial will help you better on the basics of the game like sprinting, shooting, all those stuffs.

Moving and shooting – dribbling and shooting are the basics of great basketball.

To do this, you need to move your player using the virtual stick. You need to tap, hold and release to shoot the ball, you will also notice a shot-meter which will help you on releasing the ball.

Sprinting – a burst of speed will help you get past the defense and line you up to a great scoring opportunity.

Move your player with the virtual stick, then tap the sprint button towards the basket.

Passing – effective passing will get the ball to an unmarked man and open up the basket for that shot. Just tap the pass button to pass.

3 pointers and jumpshots – practice your three point and two point shots from the corner or behind the arc. Just like shooting, you need to tap, hold and release the ball after the shot meter.

Dunks – get up close and personal with the basket to perform a dunk. To do this, sprint towards the basket and while sprinting, slide thumb up from drive button to thee shoot button and release.

Special abilities – players with special abilities can give you the edge in a match. Special abilities can only be activated when fully charged and when the player is in the correct position.

Special abilities require some situation and spot to be activated.

Guarding your opponents – putting pressure on your opponents when they have the ball is the best way to stop them scoring or forcing them to take bad shots.

To activate, just run towards your opponent and tap the guard button.