Special abilities

special abilitiesLook out for versions of players with special abilities. Special abilities can boost a player or their team’s stats, or give them the abilities for you to use on-court.

Players with such abilities display a special ability icon when viewed in the MyTeam screen.


Charging up special abilities – some types of special ability have to be activated by pressing the ability button.

These abilities charge over time and have to be fully charged before they can be used.

A meter above the player’s head shows the current charge state of the ability. When the bar is full, his ability is ready for use.

Special abilities list

Clutch – the clutch ability can only be activated when fully charged and when your player is in one of the zones shown on the court floor.

When activated, the result is a 100% accurate shot, if not blocked by defense. Clutch players display the “clutch” icon in the MyTeam and Scout screens.

Motivators – motivators are great team players who increase an attribute of players on their lineup and here’s the list of them:

Intimidators – they possess great charisma that demotivates their opposition and here’s the list of them:

Buzzer beater – a player with the buzzer beater ability has a greatly increase chance of scoring within the last few seconds of a quarter/game.