Head to head

head to headThe head-to-head map shows games you can play against other players. Matches are turn-based and played one quarter at a time.

If you start a game, you play the first quarter. The second will be played by your opponent and so on.

Rivals – check out the rivals screen to view the status of your current matches. As you win matches you’ll gain fans and climb up the divisional rankings. When you advance to the next division tier you’ll earn rewards.

Friends – tap the friends button on the head to head map to continue or start a new game against facebook friends who also play NBA Live mobile.

Overtime – if the game is tied at the end of fourth quarter then it will go into overtime. In OT, players will each be given an additional period in which to try and take a lead.

Further rounds of OT will be played while scores are still tied.


divisionsFans – you are promoted to higher divisions by earning fans in head to head matches, both from quarters played and from match victories.

Promotion to the next division rewards you with prizes. Losing fans by losing matches reduces your fan count which could even result in your relegation to the previous division.

Division rewards – the higher the division you are in, the more coins and XP you are awarded for winning matches.





seasonIn seasons, to qualify for the playoffs you’ll have to win the required number of regular season matches and the final you must win every game or you’ll lose the competition.

Complete multiple seasons of increasing challenge to gain greater rewards.

Incentivized games – some season games offer an incentive to use a particular lineup for all quarters of that game. If you do so, and win the game, you’ll receive a special season reward pack.

Look for the corresponding season set to redeem great players.