Live events

live eventsLive events are quick challenges that you can play to earn item packs to fuel your head-tohead or season mode passion.

Some live events are stand-alone challenges whereas others offer a series of challenges in a single event.

Each event has required lineup that must be used to complete it.

Live events rewards – you will gain coins, XP and item packs containing new players and collectible items.

First win bonuses increase the reward for the first time successful play of a live event.

Remember, collectibles gained from live event reward packs are a great way to quickly fill up your sets.


leaguesA league is a group of players who all play to further their league’s position in the league leader board.

You’re able to create a league once you have reached level 5. To create a league, tap the create league button. You can edit most settings later through your league settings.

Joining a league – to join a league you must first apply to that league. Tap the apply button on the league tile to start the process.

Once you apply, the league commissioner will receive your application and then decide to make you a member or not. You’ll receive a message once you have been accepted.

Reporting abuse – if a league member becomes abusive you can report them by tapping on the offensive message inside the chat window and selecting report.

You can also report offensive league descriptions by tapping the report button on the back of the league tile.

League gift contributions – whenever a league member purchases NBA vash the whole league benefits, each member receiving a gift. Gift values increase with the amount of NBA Cash purchased.

You can also earn a badge for being a gift contributor to your league.

League chat – you and other league members are able to chat with other in real time. Tap the text box to enter text.

You can also mute league members by tapping on the message and selecting mute. To unmute a member, go to your league settings and unmute them.

League head to head – you can challenge any league members to a friendly match by tapping on them and selecting play.

These matches do not determine your internal league standings but they can be helpful in planning league tactics and practicing with different lineups.