My Items

my itemsPlayers items are shown beneath the “on the bench” tab in your collection. Player items show the palyer’s OVR (overall rating), special abilities icons (if any) and whether the player can be used in a special lineup. Tap on a player item for more information.

Collectible items – collectible items are shown beneath the “collectible items” tab in you collection.

Remember to use your collectibles to fill sets to earn some great rewards.

Unclaimed items – beneath the “unclaimed items” tab in your collection is where you’ll find any rewards you saved to claim later. Tap on an item to claim it and get your rewards.

Item tiers – there are four tiers of items in the game: bronze, silver, gold, and elite. Bronze are the most common type of item whereas elite items are the rarest, most valuable and most effective items.

Programs – certain players will be part of specially themed programs. These players can be used in sets or added to your active lineup. Be on the lookout for these players and be sure to look on the back of these players to see how they can be used.


setsSets will grant rewards and some may unlock player and collectible items used in other sets. Each set has an item counter to indicate the number of required items and be sure to complete timed collections before they expire.

Set view – each slot within a set indicates a required item and type. Items that can be placed within a set will appear at the bottom of the screen. Hold and drag an item to one of the available slots.

To remove an item, simply tap it and it will return to the bottom of the screen. Items can be added and removed from a set until the set is claimed.

Set rewards – tapping the “?” button will give you information about the set reward. After filling all the slots in the set, you can claim your reward by tapping the claim button at the top of the screen. Items in the set will be consumed and your reward granted you you.