Each game in NBA Live Mobile has a stamina cost. Stamina recharges over time, so if you run out you can just wait a few minutes for it to recharge.

If you don’t want to wait, you can recharge your stamina immediately by tapping the stamina bar at the top of the screen.


storeVisit the store to get item packs and bundles to improve your lineups. Check back often for new items and special offers.

Coins and cash – there are two types of currency you can use to purchase items in the store: coins and NBA cash.

Coins are earned by playing games. You can add NBA cash by tapping the plus “+” button near NBA cash at the top of the screen.




Team management

Your franchise rating is determined by the OVRs of all your lineups. Get higher skilled players from the store or auction house to increase your lineups’ OVR (overall).

Multiple lineups – tap a lineup to change players on that lineup. Check the response lineup box to make that lineup the one that will play for you when you’re challenged by other players.

Updating lineups – fill each position in your lineups with the best possible player from collection. Tap the highest OVR button to quickly update your lineup.

Drag and hold a player from the bench over a player in the lineup to display a comparison of their attributes. Release the player to replace the player in your lineup.

Player information – tap a player to display further information. If the player has a special ability, tap the special ability icon to display further information about the ability.