9 great tips for attacking in PES 2016


Even though it’s much easier to attack than to defend in this game, here are some tips to become even better. And maybe score some memorable goals.

1.  Offensive formation and strategy are not a path to success

To attack successfully in this game, your formation and strategy do not have to be too offensive. In fact, offensive styles of play will usually result with too many conceded goals. For example, in my 3rd Master league season with Tenerife I’ve played 4222 formation with the deepest and the most compact defensive line possible, ‘few’ players in the attack and ‘many’ in defense. I had one of the best attacks in BBVA League.


2. The ball is faster than players 


The passing in PES 2016 is much more effective than before. You’ll finally be able to create a good passing game. Maybe even try to play like Barcelona and perform 380 passes before acting on it. This is especially effective while you attack through the flanks. Your team will benefit greatly from the cooperation of your winger and full back. Use one-two passes to earn yourself crosses or shooting opportunities for your forwards. Rather than sprinting with one player, utilize two or three of them to create a chance for your attackers. Not everyone can dribble like Messi, especially when you play on Superstar against CPU. The ball is faster than the players.

3. Learn the manual through ball

Personally, I use assisted passing with the least amount of assist. I also use the manual through ball for some through balls (LT+Y). You’ve probably noticed that sometimes, through balls are passed just a bit too close to a defender so he’s able to pick it up before your attacker does. This usually happens when you’re on a counter attack, your passer has got so much space in front of him to pass the ball correctly, And yet, he fails. This usually happens when you play stronger teams than yourself, who leave more space behind their defence. You want to counter attack them, but your passer always seems to pass it too close to their strong centre backs. Rather than doing the usual through ball, try using the manual one – the ball will end up in space where your fast attacker will get to it before the centre backs do (if you did it right).

4. High balls have to be timed perfectly

Unlike PES 2015, where high through balls were too powerful, in this edition of PES you’ll find that now they have to be performed with a better timing. When your attacker starts running in space, follow where he is and pass the ball when he’s almost offside. If the defender is closer to the goalkeeper than the attacker, he’ll probably cut it off. You can also start practicing manual high through balls, which are much harder to perform than the low manual through balls (because you have to press three buttons at once).

5. Manually force your off the ball player to run

You can do this with LB+RS. A blue triangle will appear above the player you’ve just told to run in space. This is very useful because, sometimes, attackers will just stand there like statues. You can also use it to tell your full backs to overlap with your winger, especially when you have your number of players to join attack set to ‘few’. Just make sure not to let them wander into offside.

6. Don’t overuse the sprint button

It just won’t get you anywhere. Of course, when there’s a lot of space in front of your player, use the sprint button to win it. But, don’t sprint unnecessary when all of the CPU players are behind the ball. You’ll probably lose it and tire your players more quickly. This doesn’t sound like much, but the tired player is slower, loses the ball much more easily, makes passing errors… Rather than running with it, pass it, try playing one-two passes…

7. Learn how to shoot correctly and think about your player’s stronger foot

I think shooting isn’t hard to learn in this game. In 1-on-1 situations, it’s pretty easy to score. And yet, it’s great if you master the placed and lob shots, to give you more options in front of the goal. And, of course, bear in mind that your players will usually shoot better with their stronger foot, so make sure you know are they lefties or righties and how good are they with their weaker foot. If their weak foot frequency is low, you won’t be trying placing shots with their weaker foot  (this also applies to passing and crossing).

8. For your attacking success to be meaningful, learn how to play defence

9. Remember that it’s only a game and you should enjoy it

Try to relax. Don’t get as agitated as I get. It’s only a game for God’s sake. There’s no reason to shout. There’s no reason your neighbours should complain to your wife about you cursing from the top of your lungs.