What are Player Roles?

What are Player Roles?

Player Roles are titles given to squad members which describe both physical and mental ability and attributes. These roles can then boost that individuals' performance, their team-mates, or both.

For example, Marouane Fellaini's role is 'General' (as in 'military'), so when he plays not only will you get all of his inherent skills and attributes, but also certain other players will have their condition (shown by coloured arrows) increased by one for all matches. Additionally, if made captain, other players will suffer less tiredness as the game progresses.

PES 2016 – How to change Player Roles?

Player Roles cover the spectrum from youth prospect to loyal servants, and your stars will naturally have to grow into these roles. How they develop is down to where and how you play them, although many of these roles aren't locked to specific positions: David De Gea can be classed as a Maestro for his saves.

PES 2016 – What happens after a player is given a role?

Once a role is issued, continually playing the team member to his strengths will see his role rank (and as such his effects on himself and those around him) increase.

Take a look below at the full list of Player Roles:

PES 2016 – Player Roles - Youth Prospect

Players with this role will receive more EXP per match, rapidly levelling and improving quicker.

PES 2016 – Player Roles – Protege

Players with this role gain more EXP in games and see their affinity for team instruction boosted.

PES 2016 – Player Roles – Star Player

Players with this role see sales of their merchandise increase.

PES 2016 – Player Roles – Superstar

Players with this role see merchandise sales increase, bonuses added to Fan Club income, a sponsor income bonus, and yet a further merchandise boost if they're made captain.

PES 2016 – Player Roles – Leader

Players with this role see their condition boosted by a factor of one in derbies and other key games.

PES 2016 – Player Roles – General

Players with this role boost the condition of certain players around them, and if made captain there's less player tiredness throughout the team.

PES 2016 – Player Roles – Maestro

Players with this role gain more EXP from the weekly training you set them.

PES 2016 – Player Roles – Grand Master

Players with this role receive all the benefits of Maestros, as well as boosting EXP gained by teammates if made captain.

PES 2016 – Player Roles – Bandiera

Players with this role are loyal to the team and have been for years. Their reward is all of the effects of Superstars, Generals, and Grand Masters in one package.

PES 2016 – Player Roles – Legend

Players with this role receive all the benefits of Superstars, Generals, and Grand Masters, while also granting a teammate development bonus.